As a life-long conservative, Nancy considers herself a Classical liberal in the tradition of Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek and Adam Smith.  In an age where anyone can become an activist, she has found her voice on the internet, as well as consultant to national and state candidates over many years.  A faithful and active Catholic, she is inspired to preserve the America she was born and raised in, not only for her own children, but for all future generations to enjoy. Influenced by a politically active conservative mother all of her life , she aspires to continue to honor that legacy from generation to generation.

Her background includes geopolitics, financial markets and economics, print and digital media and both commercial and political marketing.   She has been an enthusiastic supporter of entrepreneurship, having assisted other small business owners,  as well as creating several of her own firms.  She is currently an active equity, commodities and currency trader, and manages several private portfolios. Concurrently, she does private consulting for select political candidates, campaigns and various charitable organizations.

Motivated by the long march away from the foundations and original intent of our Constitution currently in progress,  her aim is to continue to be politically active in every way possible. Inspired by Saint Jeanne d’Arc who said: “I am not afraid… I was born to do this,” Nancy believes that time is of the essence if we are to save, protect and practice faithful conservatism, as well as returning our country to free market based economics.  With a strong and abiding faith in God and the morality-based anti-socialist economic principles of the Catholic Church to guide her, she hopes to use this blog as a way of informing and educating other faith-based conservatives in a call to action.

In her private life she can often be found spending time with family and friends, traveling, cultivating roses from antiquity, pursuing a love for cooking exotic cuisine, photography,  playing the piano,  reading, studying, research and fitness.  She mentors at-risk middle school girls and is also an active participant in The Rosary Confraternity.

Find me on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Celtic_Norse


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